PKF Revidentia

PKF Revidentia consists of publicly authorized accountants with extensive experience in the profession, auditor assistants and administrative staff.

All qualified accountants at Revidentia are licensed and members of the auditors professional body, FAR. Our firm is quality assured in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and international standards (ISQC1). We also undergo regular checks by external examiners. As part of our quality assurance is a high level of annual continuing education for certified public accountants where the requirement is at least 120 hours over a 3 year period.



-Tax: Corporate tax, VAT, expatriate tax, property tax

-Corporate services : DueDiligence and other Corporate service

-Accounting and payroll: We provide the services thorough long lasting relationships with external firms.

Sector related expertise

Owner-led companies are important clients for us. Much time and resources are used to really get to know our customers and their unique needs. We are also well familiar with   foundations, non-profit organizations, housing associations and religious communities (eg Swedish church) as we have extensive experience from, working with them. Companies with international business is another specialty.


If you are interested in our services please contact one of the partners below. Karin Rosén have over 20 years experience in international work in several international organisations.

Karin Rosén

teleSmall +46 8 121 341 02

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